About Us

Pricing Your Home for Sale

It comes down to this: Do you want us to tell you what you want to hear, or offer you our combination of up-to-date data and years of experience when we're coming up with a marketing price for your home?

Sometimes we all get lucky and the numbers match. Sometimes they don't, and the market price for your home is at a lower level than you hoped.

Pricing is tricky. Too low and you miss an opportunity to maximize your investment. Too high and you risk sitting too long and with that comes the perception that something is "wrong".

We give you a range, backed by recent sales data and information about your home, that goes from "sell quick" to "we've got time". We also talk through a pricing strategy dependent upon the initial reactions to your property when it first hits the market.

Ready to list? Let's meet and talk through the process. No pressure, just information and ideas.

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