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Buyer "Most Likely to Happen" List

Helping clients buy and sell real estate is what we do. All day. All the time. Since we live in this space so much of the time, sometimes the basics might get overlooked in our first interview. So, let us begin to put them in writing here, and we'll keep each other "in the know" as we go along!

Buyers, these things will most likely happen:
1. You will see THE house on the first day, but you won't believe it, so you'll let it slip away. Here's a "rule" we've heard: If it's 80% of what you're looking for, 10% are things you can change, and 10% of things you can live with... BUY!

2. If you haven't told us your MUST HAVES, we will likely not include them in our search and you will be disappointed! That being said, please be sure your MUST HAVES are really must haves. Otherwise we may filter them out in our search.

3. You will be tempted to purchase a "short sale", which is fine unless you need to move in anytime soon.

4. You'll put off getting the pre-approval from your lender. Then, you'll lose out on THE house because someone else offered too and was pre-approved. Ouch!

5. You will not be told how much money to bring to closing until maybe even minutes before closing. Lots of moving pieces all come into place sometimes right at the last minute. Nobody wishes it to be this way, but that's sort of how it goes.