About Us

I Can Do This All By Myself, Thanks

Why a Realtor? People ask this all the time. With so many ways to view properties online and sites that offer For Sale By Owner packages, why should you "bother" with a Realtor?

How much time do you have for this process? Searching for, previewing and researching properties takes time. Marketing, showing, answering questions about property takes time. This is our job. We do this every day and have the ability to do these things efficiently and productively.

Agency Benefit
When you work with a Realtor, it is our fiduciary duty to offer you the best of our advice and experience. This means that we act to your benefit in everything we do, from our initial meeting through negotiations and consultations with other professionals. This Agency Disclosure Packet offers some helpful information.

We've worked with local agents, title officers, mortgage brokers, inspection services, contractors, and a host of others who will be involved in your transaction.

We pay to belong to and have access to systems that will give us information you can't see about a property. We pay for systems that assist us in effectively and efficiently marketing your property. It is a part of our cost of doing business to have checks and balances and helpful programs.

Just Ask!
We have many prior clients whom we'd love to connect you with who can tell you how working with CJ, Lisa and Donna has made their transaction go more smoothly. We're happy to talk over times when things were a bit rough, too, because as you know, that happens, too.

We'd love to have the opportunity to work with you! Give one of us a call and we'll meet for coffee and chat. Nothing to lose!

CJ Neumann - 541-410-3710
Lisa Lamberto - 541-610-9697
Donna Burklo - 541-760-5677