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Welcome to the Team!

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We're proud to officially welcome Donna Burklo to our team! Donna has been with us for over five years, providing marketing and administrative assistance. Recently, she aced her Broker exam and got her license, making her a full part of the team.

This is one VERY community-minded woman. She'll be wearing two hats: one as Real Estate Broker and one as part-time Marketing and Development Director for Family Kitchen. Family Kitchen is a local feeding the hungry program that's been in existence since 1986. Donna is so dedicated to both of these efforts that she plans to commit 10% of every commission check to providing meals through Family Kitchen.

Another reason Donna is a perfect fit for our team is that Real Estate is also in HER family, just like it is in ours. Donna worked with her father, Donald Burklo, in his RE office in Santa Cruz, California just after college and before she jumped into the high-tech corporate world.

We're excited and she's excited! That makes three of us Working Together for YOU!