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Multiple Offer Situations - Yes, We're There...

It all seems so sudden! We are back in the kind of market where multiple offers are coming in on properties on a regular basis. This happens when there are few listings in a given price/amenity/location range and lots of buyers looking. A great situation for sellers, a very, very frustrating situation for buyers! 

What you should expect from your listing agent: 
When you are selling your home, you have the right to discuss the listing price with your agent. As we've noted before, there are several strategies to follow in setting a listing price (see last blog entry below). You also have the right, in a multiple offer situation, to ask for the "highest and best" offer from all interested parties. Yes, it's a bit more work on the part of all agents involved, but that's what we're here for!

What you should expect from your buyer's agent:
You've done your work... you're pre-approved and ready to go, so you should have every opportunity to get the home you want. If there are no offers on a home, there is some wiggle room for trying to get the best deal. Once a multiple offer situation occurs, however, you should have the option to resubmit and offer YOUR "highest and best". You may still lose out on the deal, but you will have had the chance to keep playing on your terms.

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