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Pricing Your Home for Sale

It comes down to this: Do you want us to tell you what you want to hear, or offer you our combination of up-to-date data and years of experience when we're coming up with a marketing price for your home?

Sometimes we all get lucky and the numbers match. Sometimes they don't, and the market price for your home is at a lower level than you hoped.

Pricing is tricky. Too low and you miss an opportunity to maximize your investment. Too high and you risk sitting too long and with that comes the perception that something is "wrong".

We give you a range, backed by recent sales data and information about your home, that goes from "sell quick" to "we've got time". We also talk through a pricing strategy dependent upon the initial reactions to your property when it first hits the market.

Ready to list? Let's meet and talk through the process. No pressure, just information and ideas.

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Stunning Luxury Properties

We have four absolutely stunning luxury properties for you to choose from - all in quite different settings:

2524 NW Shields Drive, Bend - a NorthWest Crossing home on .27 acres with beautiful finishes and wonderful separation of space. 3,255SF, 4BR/3.5BA $784,900

20150 Winston Loop, Bend - close-in to town, yet far enough away to call it country living. The views are amazing! 5.13 acres, 4,253SF, 4BR/4BA $1,097,000

61729 Broken Top, Bend - gated community and the home... well, you'll just have to check out the photos! Unbelievable! .42 acres, 5,818SF, 3BR/3.5BA $1,857,000

1 Cottonwood Lane, Sunriver - vacation home or dream home or both! Currently solidly booked as a vacation rental. 3,460SF, 5BR/3.5BA $739,900

Who do you know? We're ready to show!!

CJ 541-410-3710 | Lisa 541-610-9697 | Donna 541-760-5677

Oregon Water Wonderland - Just Outside of Sunriver

Have you heard about the Oregon Water Wonderland community? Located just 6 miles south of the Sunriver Resort, it is all of the fabulousness of Sunriver without the endless roundabouts. We have three homes coming soon in the neighborhood and would love to have the opportunity to keep you up-to-date on their progress in being upgraded. Two of the homes have oversized, detached garages with fantastic shop space. 

The community boasts 40 acres of US forest land within its boundaries. Deer, elk, blue heron, bald eagles and other wildlife are abundant. 

Many homes are located along the Deschutes River and each lot is a 0.50 acre or larger. Owners in OWWII are very lucky to have five river access properties, dedicated exclusively for their use. 

Give us a call today and we'll put you on the update list as these properties come close to being offered for sale.  Lisa: 541-610-9697 | Donna: 541-760-5677 | CJ: 541-410-3710

Buyers are Approved and Ready

Right now, there is a very popular price point in the Bend area. It is for anything with 2 or more bedrooms for which the market price would be $300k or less. There is very little inventory and a lot of demand. If you own a home in that range and are considering selling, please give us a call. We'd be glad to provide you with a current market analysis and a review of your home's current condition and marketability.

There are certainly buyers looking in other price ranges as well, so it would make sense to at least be aware of your home's value so you can make some educated decisions.

Lisa - 541-610-9697 | Donna - 541-760-5677 | CJ - 541-410-3710

SECRETS REVEALED! Bank Owned Properties

We know you're wondering...  Who wins big on these bank-owned homes and why is it never me?

Well... Did you know?

1. Banks evaluate both a broker price opinion (BPO) from the listing agent AND a third party appraisal, so there really isn't a "win big" potential. Homes are priced to sell and also to keep the neighborhood values up to where they should be.

2. Bank-owned or not, the buyer who is pre-approved with a lender is going to "win" as compared to one who is not. Be sure to have that process well under way before you get serious about looking for properties

3. Buyers who find the right property - bank-owned or otherwise either have the time to stay on top of what is coming available on the market or they've enlisted a Real Estate professional to do this for them.

3. In some cases, the initial asking price on a bank-owned home may be a bit on the high side. Again, better to err on the side of keeping neighborhood values up than to drag a whole neighborhood down by going for a quick sale. You'll appreciate this when you go to sell! If it seems like some folks are getting a "deal" with a bank-owned home, they may have been willing to take the time and hassle of going through several offer/counter offer rounds.

That's it! Really. Ready to jump in? We have some more properties coming available and would love to help you through the process!

Lisa - 541-610-9697 | CJ - 541-410-3710 | Donna - 541-760-5677

Get Off the Fence!

Is it time to list your Central Oregon property? Yes.

Inventory in the $200k - $299k range for homes in Bend on less than an acre is at 2.5 months worth or less. That means that there are very few homes available for buyers to choose from and that a home in that price/value range will likely sell within 70 days or less.

If you are in the position of selling a home in the above range and "movin' on up" to the next level or two, things are good for you. There is a greater proportion of homes available in the $300k - $499k range. So you are kind of the perfect storm of seller/buyer combination.

Give us a call and let us show you how we can work together for you!

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Listings Almost Sold Out!

There are buyers out there and our current listings are almost all gone! Interested in selling? Give us a call and let us work with you through this process. We are a team very experienced in business - predominantly in real estate, but also in corporate and small business environments. When you list with us, you get three heads for the price of one! CJ, Lisa and Donna each bring a wealth of experience and a true desire to make this transaction work for YOU!

Why use a Realtor - a real estate agent - to help sell your house? Here is an article that sums it all up very well. Also, just the very definition of the word, 'agent', is helpful in making this decision (from Merriam Webster online):

agent noun \ˈā-jənt\

1:  one that acts or exerts power

2 a:  something that produces or is capable of producing an effect :  an active or efficient cause b:  a chemically, physically, or biologically active principle

3:  a means or instrument by which a guiding intelligence achieves a result

4:  one who is authorized to act for or in the place of another: a representative, emissary, or official of a government;  a business representative

Ready to sell? Give us a moment to meet with you about your goals and we'll get a plan in place to get things moving! Not sure? Let us provide you with a Current Market Analysis for your home so you have some information to help you decide!

CJ Neumann: 541-410-3710 | Lisa Lamberto: 541-610-9697 | Donna Burklo: 541-760-5677

Buyer "Most Likely to Happen" List

Helping clients buy and sell real estate is what we do. All day. All the time. Since we live in this space so much of the time, sometimes the basics might get overlooked in our first interview. So, let us begin to put them in writing here, and we'll keep each other "in the know" as we go along!

Buyers, these things will most likely happen:
1. You will see THE house on the first day, but you won't believe it, so you'll let it slip away. Here's a "rule" we've heard: If it's 80% of what you're looking for, 10% are things you can change, and 10% of things you can live with... BUY!

2. If you haven't told us your MUST HAVES, we will likely not include them in our search and you will be disappointed! That being said, please be sure your MUST HAVES are really must haves. Otherwise we may filter them out in our search.

3. You will be tempted to purchase a "short sale", which is fine unless you need to move in anytime soon.

4. You'll put off getting the pre-approval from your lender. Then, you'll lose out on THE house because someone else offered too and was pre-approved. Ouch!

5. You will not be told how much money to bring to closing until maybe even minutes before closing. Lots of moving pieces all come into place sometimes right at the last minute. Nobody wishes it to be this way, but that's sort of how it goes.


I Can Do This All By Myself, Thanks

Why a Realtor? People ask this all the time. With so many ways to view properties online and sites that offer For Sale By Owner packages, why should you "bother" with a Realtor?

How much time do you have for this process? Searching for, previewing and researching properties takes time. Marketing, showing, answering questions about property takes time. This is our job. We do this every day and have the ability to do these things efficiently and productively.

Agency Benefit
When you work with a Realtor, it is our fiduciary duty to offer you the best of our advice and experience. This means that we act to your benefit in everything we do, from our initial meeting through negotiations and consultations with other professionals. This Agency Disclosure Packet offers some helpful information.

We've worked with local agents, title officers, mortgage brokers, inspection services, contractors, and a host of others who will be involved in your transaction.

We pay to belong to and have access to systems that will give us information you can't see about a property. We pay for systems that assist us in effectively and efficiently marketing your property. It is a part of our cost of doing business to have checks and balances and helpful programs.

Just Ask!
We have many prior clients whom we'd love to connect you with who can tell you how working with CJ, Lisa and Donna has made their transaction go more smoothly. We're happy to talk over times when things were a bit rough, too, because as you know, that happens, too.

We'd love to have the opportunity to work with you! Give one of us a call and we'll meet for coffee and chat. Nothing to lose!

CJ Neumann - 541-410-3710
Lisa Lamberto - 541-610-9697
Donna Burklo - 541-760-5677